About Me

I'm a Real Estate Agent with ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd.

I started real estate business in year 2009 and still enjoying it.  I was a home maker and had no prior experience in this line then.  The breakthrough happened with some initial support from my friends. Thereafter, I broker a condo and a landed and HDB unit. Achieving Top Rookie as a result.  

I am always keen to learn. 

When one client ask about shop houses, I would dwell into that to understand about private conservation shop houses.

Over the years, I realized we must be constantly evolved at a fast pace to handle all the situations in this business. In order to do so, we must upgrade and learn about internet marketing and Social Media Marketing. For an IT idiot like myself, I took up a course on Internet marketing.

Recently, I joined ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd to tap on their training grounds.  Within a big family of over 6000 agents, it is always an advantage whenever we blast out our listings or request of our clients to help match their properties. Likewise, I would like to share as much to my clients so that it would benefit them in their investment or for home stay.  I am willing to unlearn and relearn to polish my skills and increase my knowledge to help benefit all my current and future clients. 

At ERA, I met many awesome Trainers who unselfishly taught us more about property business.

Be it residential or commercial properties, I aim to provide honest and up-to-date advice to all my clients. I also take pride in providing prompt services with integrity. Most importantly, a satisfied customer is what motivates me in this business. I am always thankful to all my past clients who trust me enough to partner with me in closing the deals.

In real estate, I'm constantly surprised by all the beautiful architectural buildings that are built to enhance and improve our little red dot, Singapore. It is where I see where our country is heading to. The vision our Government is giving us. Look for me, Invest in Singapore. You will never go wrong putting your money here. I Love SG.